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If you haven’t spent 60 seconds reading this article on how Google Fiber is the biggest thing BigG has done since Gmail, you probably should. Why? Because it underlines how important the next big disprupting to tech is going to be, even to (and maybe even especially to) pharma.

Tech specs: First there was dial up. Then there was DSL, which was about 10 times faster than dial-up. Then came modern cable internet (what most of us think of when we think of broadband) and that’s like ten times faster than DSL. But we’ve been stuck at eking out a few more bits per second from cable for the last ten years. Fiber (meaning fiber optics)? Well, if I said it’s going to be ten times faster than cable, I’d be lying. Because fiber is far faster than that.

In a world where we’re all very very used to downloading massive files and streaming Netflix, why do we need more speed? Well, remember when you couldn’t understand why you’d need more than a 486mHz processor to run Windows (to be fair, it was Windows 3.1)? Then came photo editing, and music downloading, and movie editing, and movie streaming.

There are new technologies on the horizon waiting for the bottle-neck of internet speed to get fixed. How will fiber everywhere change things?

Well, we’re start with wifi everywhere. No more dial-up like speeds at the Startbucks because 3 dozen people are leeching on a single connection (and one is on a video chat — who does that?!) to a computer in your pocket (who’s bottle-neck is also internet speeds via 4G). So that means any two people in America with two decent mobile devices can have a video chat pretty much anywhere with a high-res screen interface. Congrats, you just invented a way for a doctor to consult from anywhere: virtual office hours.

Or take EMR to the next level: the ability to collect patient data from anywhere. Not just from doctors, but a simple API would allow my health chart to collect data from my wifi scale, my Fitbit heartrate monitor, my ZEO sleep data, etc. Heck, just plug my Kinect and my doc can give me a pretty good physical… while i’m at home.

And pharma? As it starts to open up to being a health care partner instead of “just a pill-maker”, it can interact with all its customers in real-time. Mobile phone apps can become pill-reminders and track that data, embedding it into the EMR. 

But the real breakthrough will be in understanding Adverse Events. With so much data now being tracked and dumped into a central location, pharma will be able to see in weeks that there might be an unanticipated reaction with some real-world factor.

For example, clinical trials reveal that 0.05% of people who take your brand get nauseous. Your clinical trial won’t give you enough data to see what other factor creates that condition. But four weeks after brand launch, you see that people in the real world reporting nausea have also been diagnosed with sleep apnea. A quick study can confirm the finding and that information is now added to the label.

Fiber brings everyone closer together, and that includes HCPs, patients and pharma.